A brief information about Düzce and Düzce University

Düzce University stands just in the middle of two major cities of Turkey, which are namely İstanbul and Ankara. Düzce situates between İstanbul and Ankara highway. İstanbul is 200 km, Ankara is 230 km far from Düzce which corresponds to the need of metropol and nature. Düzce with its nature and opportunities offer many social, cultural and outdoor sporting activities. Rafting, trekking, sailing, fishing are mostly preferred sporting activities in Düzce and Districts. For more detail please click.

Düzce University is one of the pioneers of the newly founded state universities after 2006 in Turkey. D.U acts as a family with  nearly 32.000 students and 2.500 academic and administration staffs in-holding 14 faculties, 4 institutions, 13 research centers, one professionally equipped Hospital, one technology transfer center and a techno-park itself. D.U fulfills the research and academic needs of Düzce and the region. With “Generating Value” motto, D.U is proactive in foregrounding peaceful, happy and free atmosphere in the campus with enthusiastic staff and students. Academic researches and projects are sponsored and supported by the Top Administration Office of the University. 

As a part of European University Association, Düzce University behaves according to moral values  and cultural elements with its  staffs and students. Entrepreneurship as a means of generating value  is embedded to all cycles and branches of the university. Students, Academics and Administration Staff work harmoniously in fostering and grounding this motto. D.U is an important actor in international academia. Participating international fairs, organizations, seminars, conferences are welcomed by the top administration of the university. Düzce University along with voicing its sound and quality in international level, also welcomes and hosts international conferences, seminars, teaching seminars and workshops with its enthusiastic academics, administration staffs and students  within the campus, in the city and  in the region.

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